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S.I. Premiere Properties: Benefits Of VA Loan Programs In Staten ...

Veterans may obtain VA loan programs provided by private lenders but guaranteed by the VA. The guarantee protects mortgage companies from loss up to a certain amount should a homeowner defaults on the loan. With this guarantee, mortgage companies are able to provide veterans options not readily obtained through other financing. The following is an overview of the benefits of VA loan programs in Staten Island NY.

Benefits Of VA Loan Programs In Staten Island NY

The best features of VA loan programs are the options for no down payment and no mortgage insurance. Buyers can finance the full price of a home being purchased, assuming the appraisal supports the figure and the individual lender does not require otherwise. VA loans also allow veterans to purchase a property by eliminating the added cost of mortgage insurance, which is typically required in home loans with less than twenty percent down. Other important benefits are...
?Similar closing costs to other loans.
?VA mortgages are assumable.
?No pre-payment penalty.
?Ability to finance or reduce the VA funding fee for the home loan.

Obtaining VA Loan Programs

To obtain a VA mortgage, buyers must meet several criteria. The first set involves their actual service - when time was served, type of service, and amount of time served. The second set involves the normal credit report and financial considerations by mortgage companies. Veterans may contact any mortgage company offering VA financing to confirm eligibility and obtain a pre-approval.

With a pre-approval in hand, veterans may then begin viewing homes within their price range. Once a listing is selected, an offer should be submitted contingent on VA financing approval. With a purchase contract, buyers can then submit an actual application and lock in an interest rate. Once the loan is approved, the next step is the closing. After closing, the loan is reported to the VA. Veterans can only have one current VA mortgage at any given time.

This article is merely a brief overview of the benefits of VA loan programs in Staten Island NY. To be referred to a local mortgage company providing VA loan programs, contact Gregory Diaz and Gina Guerriero at S.I. Premiere Properties at 718-408-1499 or


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