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Obama, Congress set for one last effort on "fiscal cliff"

WASHINGTON/HONOLULU (Reuters) - President Barack Obama is due back in Washington early Thursday for a final effort to negotiate a deal with Congress to avert or at least postpone the "fiscal cliff" of tax increases and government spending cuts set to begin next week.

No specific bill dealing with the cliff was on the schedule of either the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives, which are expected to return on Thursday after the holiday break. Investors are closely watching the talks, concerned that going over the cliff could throw the economy into recession.

Aides and members of Congress have said that a modest, last-minute measure to avoid the spending cuts and most of the tax hikes could pass the Democratic-controlled Senate if Republicans agree not use a procedural roadblock known as a filibuster, a commitment that Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has so far not made.

But to win approval in the Republican-controlled House of any bill that raises taxes on anyone, a rare bipartisan vote would be required. All 191 Democrats would have to team with up with at least 26 Republicans to get a majority if the bill included tax hikes on the wealthiest Americans, as Obama is demanding.

Some of those votes could conceivably come from among the 34 Republican members who are either retiring or were defeated in the November elections and no longer have to worry about the political fallout.

In the alternative, Congress could let income taxes go up on everyone as now scheduled and then during the first week of January, scramble and get a quick deal to cut them back except for the highest brackets, along with a measure putting off the $109 billion in automatic spending cuts that most lawmakers want to avoid.

Once the clock ticks past midnight on December 31, no member of Congress would have to vote for a tax increase on anyone - taxes would have risen automatically - and the only votes would be to decrease tax rates for most Americans back to their 2012 levels.

Obama and congressional lawmakers left Washington on Friday for the Christmas holiday with talks to avert the fiscal cliff in limbo.

The president will cut short his vacation in Hawaii and leave for Washington later on Wednesday, arriving in the capital on early Thursday.

Obama is expected to turn to a trusted Democratic ally, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, to help craft a quick deal.

White House aides began discussing details of the year-end budget measure with Senate Democratic counterparts early this week, a senior administration official said on Monday

(Reporting by Mark Felsenthal in Honolulu and Fred Barbash in Washington; Writing by Fred Barbash; Editing by Eric Beech)


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Reaper Personnel [NPCs and Players Included]

The Death & The Apple

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning, and yet, the end. I am a Reaper, and your time has come."


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From Athletics to Wellness ? Stay Active and Live Life Fully

Colleges and high schools traditionally have slashed physical education and health curriculums that serve a multitude of students and have continued to support and fund competitive athletics, which provides opportunity for a relatively small percentage of the entire student body. Spelman College, the oldest historically black U.S. college for women, is flipping this script. The private school, based in Atlanta, Georgia, will cease competing against other college athletic teams and put its $1 million annual sports budget toward improving the health of all 2,100 students.

Currently, Spelman fields about 80 student athletes, while the wellness program has 300 participants, and is limited by financial and facility constraints. By expanding the wellness programs and student opportunities the college will move from an emphasis on developing sports skills to a model that focuses on fitness for life.

The college plans to expand fitness programs such as strength training, Pilates and yoga, and is raising money for a new student recreation center. The decision was generated in part by the health statistics for African-American women that include higher rates of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure than other groups.

Not only does this make good physical sense, the potential to increase academic performance by improving the health of students is significant.

The Spelman College model is an exciting template that can benefit students at many high schools and colleges. Kudos Spelman for taking the initiative and being leaders in promoting, physical fitness, good health and wellness!


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Video: William and Kate spend holiday with the Middletons

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Academic and Creative Writing Journal Vikram Karve: WHY DO I ...



Short?Fiction?- A Love?Story - Passionate Romance



Dear Reader:?

Here is a story from my collection?COCKTAIL.?

Please read?this story with a pinch of salt. I think it is one of my?bizarre?stories ? an example of my inchoate and amateurish attempts at writing in my early days.?

I wrote this yarn, a rather tall story, sometime in the 1990?s, I think, during a visit to Goad, during that unforgettable time when you traveled to Goa by that delightful metre-gauge train winding its way down from Londa past the cascading Dudhsagar falls to Vasco.

I wonder what genre one can call this.

Romance? Pulp Fiction? Chic Lit? Or maybe what they now call Metro Read.?

Let's say that it is a story for Urban Adults.?

Well, I have warned you...

Now, My Dear Reader, if you still want to read this bizarre, preposterous story, go ahead, do so at your own peril. So just relax, transport yourself back in time 20 years to the 1990s, and enjoy this story.

Have a laugh; and don?t forget the brickbats (and bouquets, if any).?

As always, I value your comments and feedback.

Bangalore?31 December 1992 I looked thoughtfully, with nostalgia and pride, at the words inscribed on the brass plaque I held in my hand: ?The first time you slap me it is your fault; The second time you slap me it is my fault.? This engraved plaque was the only item I had brought with me from my old office in Pune. I had now made it big time. A top job in a prestigious firm in?Bangalore.? I gave the brass plaque to Suhas and told him to hang it on the wall. For added effect, I loudly recited the words ? a Chinese proverb ? again and again. The first impression is a lasting one. I wanted to project myself as a tough guy, and had dramatically succeeded. I had totally intimidated Suhas into submission. He had never expected that I would order him to drive me from the airport straight to office on a Sunday, get the office opened, and brief me in detail. Suhas had been one of the aspirants for the chair I was sitting on; now he would be my deputy. If he was disappointed at not being promoted, he did not show it. After all, he had worked for ten years in the same firm and surely did not like an outsider like me thrust upon him. As I stroked my beard, I looked appraisingly at Suhas. True to his name he had a sweet pleasant smile. But he looked a weakling ? one of those suave, slimy, effeminate characters that adorn the corporate world ? a soft-spoken, clean-shaven, ingratiating sissy with an almost feminine voice and carefully cultivated mannerisms as if he had been trained in a finishing school. Suhas had no masculinity, no manliness about him. He was one of those sissy?chikna?types who were bullied and ragged and sought after to be buggered at school and college. In my mind?s eye I smiled to myself at my excellent assessment. Suhas handed me an invitation card and stammered, ?Sir, an invitation for the New Year Eve party tonight.? I was genuinely pleased and gave him an appreciative smile. In my euphoria I had almost forgotten the date. Eager-Beaver and sycophant that he was, Suresh had organized a partner for me, Anita, a young ambitious executive anxious to please the boss. Anita was openly showing her willingness to get involved with me. A pity, as I was not interested in Anita. She was not my type of woman. Anita was one of those synthetic beauties; pleasing to look at but not exciting to embrace. Dainty, delicate, perfectly poised, petite, precise, prim and proper. Her make-up perfect and exact, she looked like an artificial doll ? optimally designed, precisely engineered and finished to perfection. Her actions appeared carefully contrived; there was no spontaneity about her. That vital spark of sensuality was missing. I could see that she had titivated for me, but I was not titillated. I liked voluptuous, sensual, earthy women ? the rough-and-ready kind. As we danced she pressed against me in desperate appeal. I was not stirred. She was too?simulated?to stimulate me. I signalled to Suhas who rescued me and took Anita away for a dance. I picked up a drink and took up a strong tactical position with my back to the wall. I looked at Anita ? Good from Far, but, Far from Good. I smiled to myself. I sipped my drink, lit a cigarette, and looked at the entrance. I saw her almost at once. She radiated an extraordinary sensuousness of a degree I had never experienced before. The impact was so overwhelming that I was instantly aroused and consumed with desire. She could not have made her body more inviting. There was nothing delicate about her. Plump and lusty, she oozed raw sexuality. I ached with desire and drank her in with my eyes insatiably. ?Enjoying the party, Sir, ? Suhas had followed my transfixed gaze and guessed what was on my mind. ?That dish is Menaka. She?s a hot-shot executive in our main competitor. Let me formally introduce you.? ?No,? I said, ?not now.? ?Politeness is a pleasant way for a man to get nowhere with a woman. Suhas got the hint and left me alone. My hungry eyes locked on to Menaka. I was feasting my eyes on her captivating face when she suddenly turned and glanced at me. Our eyes met. She looked at me for that moment longer, and with a curious smile, she turned back to her group. I kept my eyes on her, looking steadily and directly; trying to transmit and project my thought-waves of passionate yearning. She adjusted her stance slightly, probably to observe me through the corner of her eye. Her gestures indicated that I had succeeded in disturbing the equilibrium of her personal inner comfort zone. I was thrilled with anticipation. Suddenly she excused herself from her group, walked towards a secluded corner, turned and looked directly towards me. She held my gaze in a kind of challenge, there was a lengthy pause, and then she smiled. There was a conspiratorial look in her expressive eyes; at once inviting and taunting. She teased me with her eyes. My stimulus had evoked a response. Encouraged by her enthusiastic response, I indulged myself lavishly. I made love to her with my eyes. She responded with unrestrained zeal; exhilaration pouring out of her eyes. As our mutual visual interplay became intense, I could clearly decipher the language in her eyes. I did not require the power of clairvoyance to look into the province of her mind; to read her thoughts. I boldly walked up to her and asked her for a dance. As I led her onto the dance-floor, I realized that every man, who was a man, was hungrily ogling at her. I felt the natural pride of possession that any man feels when he has the company of a woman that other men desire. We danced continuously, without break. I held her tightly. She let her body rub against mine. Suddenly, the lights went off. Someone announced, ?One minute left for the New Year.? It was pitch-dark. The dance-floor was packed with bodies. I locked Menaka in a passionate embrace. Intoxicated by the aroma of her natural scent, I caressed her neck with my tongue. Her skin was moist with sweat. She sighed and her breathing became heavy and rapid. I kissed her warm mouth, a fervent passionate kiss. She kissed me back, most eagerly and amorously. As our tongues intertwined I could taste the fresh flavour of her mouthwash mixed with her hot saliva. We were luxuriating in a wave of sensuality which had engulfed us when the lights were suddenly switched on. Everyone seemed to have gone berserk ? shouting ?Happy New Year? at the top of their voices, and hooters, whistles, horns, drums, shouts raising the noise level to a deafening din. ?Happy New Year,? it was Suhas. He was quite drunk. Anita was standing next to him ? her hurt quite evident in her eyes. First I had rejected her, and now she had seen Menaka and me in passionate embrace? Before I realized it, Menaka had quickly disengaged and walked away. I was too confused to react. Anita pulled me to dance. She still hadn?t given up hopes. I kissed her on the cheeks, wished her a Happy New Year, and joined in the merrymaking. It was only after a considerable amount of time that I noticed that Suhas had disappeared.? It took me a week to sink my teeth into my new assignment. I worked hard. My first vital challenge was to win a huge software development contract with a multinational company. It was a prestigious contract. A large number of firms would be vying for it. It was imperative that I succeeded in winning it ? to establish my credentials and prove my worth. The primary reason I had been appointed to the top post was owing to my expertise and track record in this area. My professional reputation was at stake. By the end of the week I had my proposal ready. I kept just one hard copy ? no soft copies ? for I believe that one should not store anything in a computer that one cannot display on a public notice board. But my being busy at work was not the only reason that I had not contacted Menaka. I had not forgotten the sensuality of her body. During nights, as I lay awake in bed, I desperately yearned for her and I felt like a volcano without eruption. I purposely did not make the first move. I didn?t want her to think I was desperate and grovel before her. I had ardently communicated my unspoken intentions to her on New Year?s Eve ? if she wanted me, she?d contact me. One day, while I was working in my plush office, suddenly my phone rang. It was Menaka. I felt a tremor of anticipation. She invited me to lunch at a nearby restaurant. I accepted.? Menaka was waiting for me outside the restaurant. She was dressed in a full-sleeved blouse and a heavy formal blue silk sari. It was hot. The fabric of her blouse around her armpits was wet with sweat. She looked and smelt natural. No attempt to camouflage her raw steamy sensuousness behind the synthetic mask of make-up and deodorants. Raw steamy sensuousness ? that?s what I liked about her. It stimulated me and attracted me towards her. As we sipped chilled beer, I found that she was easy to talk to. I had a strange feeling of elation. In these moods there was so much to say, the words simply came tumbling out. I told her everything about myself. In hindsight, I realize that she hardly told me anything about herself. We met often during the next few days, arranging rendezvous in restaurants and our club. She tantalized me. But she did not let me go all the way. A bit of petting, necking, fondling, caressing, hugging, kissing, cuddling ? it was okay. But there she drew the line. She never invited me home nor talked about her personal things. At first I was patient. No point hurrying up or forcing things. I did not want to lose her. There is a time to let things happen and a time to make things happen. I thought I would let things happen. But the more I met her, the more the desire began building up in me. The time had come to make things happen. I was wondering what strategy I should adopt when Suhas interrupted me, ?Drying a divorcee?s tears is one of the most dangerous pastimes known to man.? I tried to hide my surprise and regain my composure. I certainly wasn?t interested in drying Menaka?s tears! ?I didn?t know she is a divorcee,? I said truthfully. ?In any case it?s a purely platonic friendship.? ?All such platonic relationships have a potential to culminate into affairs,? Suhas pontificated. I was getting angry now. Surely I didn?t need a lecture on how to handle women from this prissy effeminate sissy. He sensed my feelings and pleaded, ?The office grapevine is pulsating with juicy rumours about your romance with Menaka. Such liaisons can be dangerous. She is working for our rival firm which is competing for the same vital contract we are so desperate for.? This was news to me. Menaka hadn?t mentioned anything about the contract. I looked innocently at Suhas. I would have to be careful with this Nosey Parker around. One evening I was stunned when Menaka suddenly walked into my office. I had not bargained for this unexpected situation at all. It was one thing to meet Menaka in some restaurant or club. It was quite another thing to have her show up bold as brass at my office ? it was embarrassing and downright dangerous. ?Don?t worry, everyone has gone home,? Menaka said and came around my desk and stood close to me. I was sitting on my swivel-chair working on the computer. I swivelled my chair around. Her silky smooth stomach was inches from my face. I sensed the beginnings of the experience which had been eluding me. I was tremendously excited, yet frightened. Even the improbability of the situation made me slightly incredulous and cautious. But I could not control myself and animal instinct took charge of me. I clasped her hips and buried my face in her stomach, and we both were going wildly berserk with passionate lovemaking when suddenly the door opened and Suhas walked in. A few moments later, as I sat in Suhas?s office trying to regain my composure, I realized that Suhas had not spoken a word, and was totally ignoring me. He was sitting quietly, ostensibly engrossed in work. The nuance wasn?t lost on me. I had left Menaka in my office to tidy up. I wondered what effect this episode would have on her. Suddenly an ominous thought entered my mind and I was overcome by a strange foreboding. I rushed to my office. Menaka had disappeared. I yanked open my desk drawer. I broke into cold sweat. My premonition had come true ? the vital file was missing. Disgraced, accused of moral turpitude and disloyalty, I resigned my job and left?Bangalore?forever, under a cloud of shame, a discredited man. Needless to say, Suhas walked into my job. Pune ? 31 December 1998?? I was not one to wallow in despondency for long. I put the episode behind me and went on a sabbatical. Interestingly, I found my true m?tier in the world of academics. I bounced back into life with vigour and zeal.? I started teaching and, in a couple of years, was heading my own computer training institute. Five years later, I stood on the platform of Pune Railway Station and scanned the passenger list on the reservation chart. No matter how many times I begin a train journey; there is always an intriguing interest in seeing who one?s follow-passengers are. I was on berth number 27. Berth number 28 was reserved in the name of a Mrs. M. Kumar, Age 35. All others in the vicinity were males. A disappointment. I always wondered why all the good chicks were in other trains, other compartments. Let?s hope this Mrs. Kumar was worth a look, at least. When Mrs. Kumar entered and sat down opposite me, I was dumbstruck. It was Menaka. She gave me a warm smile and started talking of me as if she were expecting me. Her behaviour was natural, as if she had fixed up a rendezvous with me here on the train. No guilt, no regret, no remorse. There was absolutely no trace of surprise at seeing me evident on her face. She had blossomed. Her beauty had enhanced with age. ?I was looking forward to meeting you, ?she said looking directly into my eyes. ?It?s good they organized the seminar in?Goa?. We shall enjoy ourselves. And, of course, finish our unfinished business. It?s so exciting!? I couldn?t believe my ears and cannot begin to describe my emotions I felt. At once, I hated her for the way she had played with me, used me, and tossed me by the wayside; at the same time she evoked within me the familiar stirrings of passion. But I knew it was dangerous, so I decided to steer clear of her ? once bitten, twice shy I avoided talking to Menaka, snubbed her when she tried to start a conversation, pretended to read and we traveled in silence on the broad-gauge train from Pune to Miraj, where we would change over to the connecting metre-gauge express to?Goa?. Hopefully, Menaka would get seat away from me. In the evening, just before Miraj, the train conductor arrived and said, ?There is no air-conditioned service on the metre-gauge overnight train from Miraj to Vasco Da Gama. You will have to travel first class.? ?Both of us are together. Give us a coupe,? Menaka said. I was struck dumb, tongue-tied, the moment I heard her words. ?Yes, Madam, I will allot you Coach F-1, coupe compartment D,? the train conductor gave me a canny look, and said in railway lingo, ?This train reaches Miraj at 2000 hrs. The connecting train leaves at 2030.? Menaka sat down close to me on the berth of the coupe of the metre-gauge train. The compartment?s smallness forced us into such an arousing intimacy that I could not control myself when she made her move. She made love to me with a professional?s skill and an amateur?s enthusiasm. Making love in a speeding metre-gauge train was an awesome experience. As the train rocked and sped through the night, we went crazy with passion, and she did not let me rest, but brought me back to her each time I tried to slide away from her, exhausted. In the next two weeks, I realized the wildest of my fantasies with her. We made love to each other in all possible ways, at all possible places. Later, as I lay next to her on the wet sand in a secluded corner of the beach, intoxicated with ?feni?, I felt exhausted, drained and gratified. ?Enough is enough?, I said to myself and I decided to leave quietly next morning. Six months later I had a surprise visitor. It was Anita. She had a parcel for me. I opened it. There was a ?Thank-you? card from Menaka. There was also the brass plaque with the Chinese proverb which I had forgotten in my?Bangalore?office.?

I looked at the familiar words on the brass plaque:

?The first time you slap me it is your fault;

The second time you slap me it is my fault.?

I was baffled, nonplussed. Why had Menaka sent me this brass plaque? Was there a hidden message in this? I looked at the??Thank-you? card.??From Menaka Kumar? -?the??Kumar? was intriguing - those days she called herself??Menaka? - that?s all.

?Tell me Anita, who is this Kumar that Menaka remarried. Or is it her first husband?s surname. Or was it her maiden name?? I asked Anita. Anita burst out laughing, ?She married Suhas. Suhas Kumar. Your ex-deputy. Have you forgotten him?? I felt angry, betrayed. Suhas Kumar! Just imagine? Menaka married that effete womanish softy. He was hardly man enough for her. What a mismatch. She needed a real man ? a strong, virile, potent man like me. Seeing the look on my face, Anita spoke quickly, ?Suhas and Menaka got married soon after you left. Now they have set up their own firm. I work for them.? She abruptly stopped speaking. I could sense her hesitation. But I wanted to know why Menaka had sent Anita to me. It was an intriguing mystery. ?Go on,? I said. ?Tell me everything.? Anita gave me a curious look and said, ?Menaka is pregnant for the first time. She was trying desperately all these years. And finally it happened after so long. I am so happy for her. The baby is due in another three months time.?

Comprehension dawned on me pretty fast. Anita need not have spelt it out to me. I did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Menaka had used me again, for the second time, to realize her goal and then cast me aside. She had ?slapped? me again!?

But was it a slap? Had she slapped me for the second time? Delivered a sucker punch? I don?t know. I truly don?t know. And I don?t care. I picked up the brass plaque, looked at it nostalgically for the last time, and tossed it out of the window. No more proverbs for me. ?Convey my congratulations and best wishes to Menaka,? I said genuinely to Anita. ?Tell her I am eagerly waiting for the next rendezvous with her. Whenever she wants me, wherever she wants me, any time, any place, I?ll always be there at her service.? Ten years have passed since ? ten long years.

Often I think of Menaka, yearn for her, and wonder when I am going to have my next rendezvous with her ? I eagerly wait for her to??slap? me again. Yes, I wait in anticipation for her to deliver the?next sucker punch.

Foodie Book:? Appetite for a Stroll
If your are a Foodie you will like my book of Food Adventures APPETITE FOR A STROLL. Do order a copy from FLIPKART:

About?Vikram Karve

A creative person with a zest for life, Vikram Karve is a retired Naval Officer turned full time writer and blogger. Educated at IIT Delhi, IIT (BHU) Varanasi, The Lawrence School Lovedale and Bishops School Pune, Vikram has published two books: COCKTAIL a collection of fiction short stories about relationships (2011) and APPETITE FOR A STROLL a book of Foodie Adventures (2008) and is currently working on his novel and a book of vignettes and an anthology of short fiction. An avid blogger, he has written a number of fiction short stories and creative non-fiction articles on a variety of topics including food, travel, philosophy, academics, technology, management, health, pet parenting, teaching stories and self help in magazines and published a large number of professional ?and academic research papers in journals and edited in-house journals and magazines for many years, before the advent of blogging. Vikram has taught at a University as a Professor for 15 years and now teaches as a visiting faculty and devotes most of his time to creative writing and blogging. Vikram Karve lives in Pune India with his family and muse - his pet dog Sherry with whom he takes long walks thinking creative thoughts.

Vikram Karve Academic and Creative Writing Journal:?
Professional Profile Vikram Karve:?
Vikram Karve Facebook Page:??
Vikram Karve Creative Writing Blog:?

? ? ??

? vikram karve., all rights reserved.


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PFT: Dockett apologizes for spitting on teammate

Joe ThomasAP

Running back Peyton Hillis returns to Cleveland this weekend, a year after the Madden curse impacted him in an unprecedented way.

Hillis wanted a new contract, and his desire to cash in got in the way of his performance.

On Wednesday, Browns left tackle Joe Thomas confirmed what had been long suspected regarding a tumultuous season that included rumors and reports of Hillis using illness and injury as an excuse to demonstrate his displeasure with not getting paid.

?It was a terrible distraction,? Thomas said, via the Associated Press.? ?He crippled our offense.? We were struggling to find anybody who could carry the ball after all the injuries we had.? To have Peyton going through a contract dispute and basically refusing to play, it was a big distraction.? But more than anything, he was our starting running back that was a good player who was going to help us be a successful offense.

?When he?s not there and you don?t have anybody to turn to, it makes it hard to win.? And that?s the distraction, it?s not being successful.?

Hillis became the unexpected workhorse of the Cleveland running game in 2010, after second-round rookie Montarrio Hardesty was injured.? Hillis racked up more than 1,100 yards, and he won a popular-vote tournament to become the cover athlete for Madden 12.

?He was everything people knew about him ? hard-working, blue-collar, tough, would do anything for anybody on the team,? Thomas said.? ?All he cared about was winning, and then all of a sudden the next year, all he cared about was trying to get his new contract.?

Thomas specifically pointed to Hillis leaving the team to get married during the season, at a time when he needed treatment for injuries.

?It was kind of one weird thing after another more than anything,? Thomas said. ?We have guys getting married during the season and it?s not a big deal.? When you?re ?injured? [yes, Thomas used air quotes . . . take that, Kuselias] and you should be getting treatment, to go do your own thing repeatedly was just disrespectful more than anything to his teammates.?

Thomas said that players tried to get through to him, to no avail.

?You see a lot of guys in contract disputes, like Matt Forte,? Thomas said.? ?His solution was, ?I?m going to go out and prove they have to have me and they can?t play without me.?? The frustrating thing to a lot of teammates was you would try to talk to him and you try to tell him, ?That?s not the right way to do it if you want to get your big contract.?? He just wouldn?t listen to anybody.

?People who thought they were very close friends with him, he wouldn?t listen to anybody.? He thought he knew the right way to do it and it ended up not being the right way and hurting everybody.? Not just himself.? It was a tough situation.?

Hillis ultimately signed a one-year deal with the Chiefs.? Thanks to the comments from Thomas, who admirably went on the record and didn?t hide behind anonymity, it?s safe to say that Hillis will receive a less-than-warm welcome when he re-enters the Factory of Sadness on Sunday.


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Shri Kamal Nath, Union Urban Development Minister will give valedictory address at the Urban Mobility India Conference cum Exhibition 2012 on the theme ?Smart Mobility?. The Minister of State for Urban Development Smt. Deepa Dasmunsi will also be present.

Not For Publication



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Dated: 7th December, 2012




Dear Sir/Madam


??????????? You are cordially invited to cover the following event:




Shri Kamal Nath, Union Urban Development Minister will give valedictory address at the Urban Mobility India Conference cum Exhibition 2012 on the theme ?Smart Mobility?.? The Minister of State for Urban Development Smt. Deepa Dasmunsi will also be present. Awards will also be given to ?Best Practice? projects in urban transport.




08.12.2012 (Saturday).




11.30 a.m. onwards.



Manekshaw Centre, Parade road, Near Dhaula Kuan Metro Station (1 Km towards Gurgaon)

Delhi Cantt.



Yours sincerely,



(Manoj Gupta)



All Accredited Correspondents / Camera Persons

All TV Channels

DG (News), Doordarshan / DG (News), AIR

Director, Photo Division



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