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Otalo Expands to 1.6 Million Vacation Rentals in 164 Countries ...

Amherst, MA (PRWEB) February 04, 2012

Otalo has expanded its vacation rental search index to incorporate over 1.6 million vacation residence rental listings in 164 countries of the world. Otalo also announced the addition of partners such as airbnb.com, TripAdvisor.com, Flipkey.com, Holiday-Rentals.co.uk, iStopOver.com, HomeGetaways.com, Niumba.com, RedAwning.com, SkipJump.com, and PerfectFloridaVillas.com.

?No a single likes to show up on vacation and see a bunch of rental houses that you wish you had rented but never saw online.? said Baer Tierkel, one of Otalo?s founders. ?The important to finding the best rental is to be in a position to see all your options in a single click.

1.6 Million Vacation Rental Listings

Otalos internet site (http://www.otalo.com) enables travelers to use a single search for their vacation residence preferences and quickly search over 1.6 million vacation rental listings from the several distinct rental sites on the internet. There is no need to have to wade via hundreds of different web sites trying to locate a great vacation rental. Travelers can search employing their personal computer, iPad, or smartphone. Otalo also gives travelers a central place to save their favorites as nicely as share the houses theyve discovered with their pals and loved ones, making the vacation preparing procedure significantly simpler. Otalo has been named the kayak of vacation rentals.

?Searching for a vacation rental at the beach in the cold of February must be enjoyable and not tedious,? stated co-founder Mike Giles, ?It really is truly a lot of fun to browse via all the wonderful photos of cool houses in faraway warm locations.? As the world-wide economy continues to be tough on vacationers, rentals serve as a wonderful option to much more costly hotels and resorts

Otalos crawlers search the net constantly, seeking for vacation rentals to contain in its index. The search index at the moment contains 1,615,253 listings that represent 735,728 vacation rentals 79,003 homes with swimming pools 37,750 waterfront houses and condos 367,766 rentals that are smoking-free of charge 51,170 rentals that let smoking 353,637 rentals that do not permit pets and 149,934 that are pet-friendly.

The Otalo search index contains rentals in 164 countries. Europe leads the planet with 392,456 vacation rentals North America has 260,000 the South Pacific has 22,704 the Caribbean has 19,548 South America has 17,888 Africa has 7,818 Asia has five,072 Central America has four,873 Southeast Asia has 3,737 and the Middle East has the fewest with 1,632. The United States is the most popular country with 237,991 vacation rentals, and Spain is next with 107,661. The U.S.s most well-liked destination is Kissimmee, Florida, which is near Orlando, with four,097 vacation rentals. Spains most well-known destination is Barcelona with 4,834 rentals.

The most pricey vacation rental that Otalo has found on the net is Necker Island, which will expense you $ 273,000/week for your holiday. Accessible only by helicopter, it sleeps 28 in a Excellent Residence and many guest villas on the island with a number of pools, a beach house, and Crocodile Pavilion. Close behind in cost is Musha Cay which will only price you $ 263,000/week, but you do get room for 24 friends and family members to play on the 7 beaches on this 150 acres private island.

New Partners

With the addition of properties from airBnb.com, TripAdvisor.com, Flipkey.com, Holiday-Rentals.co.uk, iStopOver.com, HomeGetaways.com, Niumba.com, RedAwning.com, SkipJump.com, and PerfectFloridaVillas.com, Otalo is helping much more and a lot more vacation rental websites by delivering extremely qualified vacation renters directly to their web sites for bookings and details. Otalo has been described as the Kayak of vacation rentals, due to their model of providing a single point of search to travellers, while sending site visitors to the source websites of those rentals.

About Otalo

Otalo was founded by Baer Tierkel and Mike Giles, veteran software sector entrepreneurs who get pleasure from to travel ? but prefer staying in other people houses more than hotels. Otalo is a search engine built especially for travelers seeking for the excellent vacation rental by enabling the traveler to search 1.6 million vacation rental listings in a single click.

For extra information about the next-generation Otalo search engine for vacation rentals, you can speak to Baer Tierkel at +1 413 658 8133 or check out Otalo on the internet at:

Otalo ? http://www.otalo.com

The Otalo Weblog ? http://www.otalo.com/blog.jsp

Stick to Otalo on Twitter ? http://www.twitter.com/otalo

Otalo on Facebook ? http://facebook.com/vacationrentalsearch


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Health and Fitness Articles ? Blog Archive ? The Key Reason Why ...

Surely enough, you must have read through or viewed many hundreds of content articles dotted all over the net discussing ergonomics and how important it is. Just how many times have you read before that ergonomics plays a massive role in the home office? Probably hundreds as well! But do you really understand how home office ergonomics can apply to you? Easy manipulations in what you currently own could save you plenty of pain and ultimately a lot of dough in dropped work and health and fitness expenses.

A lot of people miss it, but the key reason why proper ergonomics is vital to people who use computers is because ignoring it might eventually lead to many physical ailments and disorders.

For you to be able to see this, you need to take your workplace equipment into account. If you type lots, or work on your keyboard, you might have observed pains in your wrists or forearms. You should examine where your keyboard is. As far as possible, keep your computer keyboard from the table. In fact, it must be lower than the desk on a keyboard holder. This brings down risking potential you getting repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome .

Aside from the keyboard set, you should also make sure to position your personal computer monitor at the proper height as well. The top of the computer monitor should be at eye level or slightly below. You should not have to look up and strain your neck when you are looking at your computer screen. If you use a computer mouse frequently, you must put money into an ergonomically designed computer mouse that may minimize the tension on your wrist. A traditionally designed computer mouse demands that the wrist be held at an abnormal angle with a twist.

One of the most important things that you need to put in consideration is the seat you are sitting down on. With the knowledge that you sit on it almost all day to get your work accomplished, it must be well apparent that your chair needs to be as cozy as it possibly can be. Nonetheless, comfort shouldn?t be the very restriction. It should also be able to support you. You should have back support from your chair to protect your back from chronic pain . Also, you should be able to take a seat with your feet solidly placed on the floor. Assess the way you sit. Never lean back and use a support cushion should you have the need for it.

Many men and women opt to use ergonomic furniture instead of the regular ones since it supports their body much better and offers much more comfort ? one nice example of ergonomic furniture is the Aeron chair .

Aeron chairs may be on the hefty side in the beginning in terms of the price range, however it makes up for it with its top quality and its service. And not only are you obtaining something that will help you relieve you with just as much tension as possible since it supports your whole body as you work, you?re also buying a chic add-on that can liven up any normal working space and convert it into a modern day powerhouse work centre. Numerous people who have used Aeron chairs before have nothing but beneficial feedback about it. Use one now and you?ll realize precisely why your folks have been letting you know that ergonomics will do amazing things for you.

Aeron chairs are well regarded because of their versatility and comfort. In case you spend long hours sitting at the office, a great Aeron chair is exactly what you may need. Find out about it right now!

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