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Breast and Prostate Cancer Awareness Month - Panama Guide

Wednesday, October 03 2012 @ 11:01 AM COT

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Healthcare By DON WINNER for - October is breast and prostate cancer awareness month. There are all sorts of events planned to raise awareness and to remind people of the importance of getting exams, and you'll see pink and blue ribbons hung everywhere. Yesterday president Ricardo Martinelli was at a public event somewhere, and a journalist asked him if he had gotten his prostate exam this year. While it was a good question it caught the politician off guard and he sort of laughed it off - embarrassed because the journalist was clearly implying "have you had a finger up your ass lately?"

Today this political cartoon appeared in the "Mi Diario" newspaper, drawn by "Piwi". The president is sitting on the exam table, wearing his pink ribbon, and the sign behind him identifies this as the Urologist's office. The doctor walks in and says "hello." He's wearing a button that says "I love the Pro Democracy Front" (which leads many of the protests against the administration of Ricardo Martinelli.) The doctor has a sort of evil grin, big hands, and the president has an "oh shit" expression on his face. BOHICA.

All kidding aside, get examined. Most cancers can be treated if they are detected early enough.

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