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Fax is no is being recived ,just ring and hang !! - Kunena

Fax is no is being recived ,just ring and hang !! 17 Hours, 19 Minutes ago Karma: 0
hi ,
i have Now im using client which is called yajfax to send faxes ,
Now I have two Iax fax externtions , 420 & 400
420 I use it as source to send faxes using yajfax client
400 extenyion is used to recive faxes on dahdi 5
I have the dahdi 5 for reciving both calls and faxes and here is a printscreen of dahdi 5 config

The problem is when sending fax , the fax is seem not detected and forwarded to sip extention not to iax fax extention
I performed fax sending from user 420 using yajfax client software to the number xxx3909 which is the dahdi that accept both sip & fax .
I use chanspy from my extention 102 to hear dahdi 5 and hear if the fax was detected or not , but I nonly hear ringing and then hangup.
note that extention 115 is a sip of timecondition which was configured on dahdi 5

Here is a result of debug of sending fax from the number
xxx3494 to xxx3909
Hint , I use the start 72 to go out from dahdi which has the number xxx3494



Disconnected from Asterisk server
[root@xp10 ~]# cat /etc/asterisk/dahdi-channels.conf

























whish this info help to Tshoot the fax detection issue



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Troubled By Health Issues? Fitho Provides Online Weight Loss Diet ...

The craze for six pack abs and a fitter healthier body has occupied minds globally. Today Gyms promising to change the way your body looks and reduction centers like the ones at VLCC are visited not only by the desperate but also the image conscious. In this burgeoning space Prachi Agarwal may be a new comer but the ideas that Fitho is pushing certainly bears looking into.

Prachi is a B.A Hons graduate from IP College, Delhi & LP at IIM Ahmedabad. She told us more about her previous areas of experience saying??Before starting Fitho, I led digital marketing for HMV Saregama and the marketing launch of Pacific Mall. I joined Fitho full time in 2011 March, and pivoted our previous business model to relaunch the current Fitho online diet plan, priced at Rs 499- Rs 799 per month.

Dhruv Gupta is the co-founder at Fitho and a Bachelor in Computer Science Engg from the University of Michigan. He previously co-founded and is the founder of GKB Online, e-commerce for eyewear.

Prachi adds ?We have 7 other team members focusing on technology, nutrition and marketing?

What is Fitho??

Unlike gyms and other offline services that put you through the physical grind of losing weight, Fitho regulates and helps you with the often neglected aspect of nutrition. After all you are what you eat. Fitho is a web based service that creates a customized diet plan for each individual to help them lose weight. The diet plan is customized based on your personal information, lifestyle choices & more. Each diet is nutritionally balanced and it?s easy to follow.

Their Launch

Quite contrary to its present avatar of a service provider, Fitho originally started as just a website in 2009, providing accurate information on diet, nutrition, weight loss & fitness. Prachi says ?In 2010, we launched our premium diet plan services with a different business model.?In Q1 2012 we launched our completely online weight loss diet plan at Rs 799 per month. People from over 40 cities have signed up for the service till now. We are seeing an average of 36% MoM growth.?

?We market Fitho using standard internet marketing tools, with a strong focus on social media. As a result, we see very high engagement on Facebook.?

Whats in a name

When we asked why they chose the name ?Fitho? Prachi replied ?The name signifies what we as a company aim to do ? to help you get fit. A large number of people are overweight, who try all kinds of tricks and unhealthy means to lose weight. We want to help people get fit, while being healthy. Thus our name.?

Their revenue generation model is based on paid subscriptions of their weight loss diet plans that comes in three packages of 1 month, 3 month and 6 months.

Prachi believe that Fitho will do well because of their ?Innovative business model & Technology?.?She also stated how their weak point is actually an opportunity to succeed saying ? Large number of Indians are becoming overweight, facing lifestyle disorders, who need to lose weight.?

The only point she conceded is that India?s slowing growth is a threat to her business model. The site also has a customer service number if you need to talk to someone about your weight loss diet plan, online payments etc.

Give Fitho a spin and get that shape you always wanted.


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BREAKING: Huntsville Police confirm a shooting at Oster and University Drive.

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Health articles on weight loss - HEALTH, BEAUTY & FITNESS


health articles on weight lossFloridians have absolute freedom and option to purchase a plan that? s personalized for their needs and needs. Cardiovascular Disease implies that one? s heart and circulation aren? t functioning normally. articles s . Safeguarding Your Cat? s Health Felines frequently appear mysterious, but a brand new national survey polling a lot more than 1, 000 cat proprietors discloses our feline buddies might be more misinterpreted only then do we think- which misunderstanding may affect their own health. Diabetes & Dental Health If you? re diabetic, dental hygiene is especially important. Regrettably, individuals who reside in dorms is going to be around individuals who? re sick using the flu or stomach virus. Permanently is Male organ Implantation in on which a surgeon places a little, saline- filled medical device that recreates the erection health. It might appear the cost of the insurance coverage is excessive, however the cost of not getting insurance coverage is even greater. What this means is to stay in a household situation in which the earnings is regarded as health articles on weight loss underneath the US Census agencies articles measure threshold in order to have obama health care articles experienced limitations in a person? s upbringing atmosphere they specify. About the writer: Spas through the Spa House Hotel Health Insurance And Safetyaccident And Injuries On Vacation Compensation Did your travel company obama or travel company do enough to avoid your accident or injuries on vacation? State medicaid programs Application If you would like free healthcare in Texas using your medical health insurance plan, all that you should do is health articles on weight loss obtain a State medicaid programs application and load it up. You will find a number of providers on the market that sell fake or dangerous supplements. The greatest mistake people make isn? t taking seafood loss oil that? s been purified by ? molecular distillation? ? probably the most reliable technique known. Whenever you look whatsoever of those something more important with insurance coverage, you will notice that it is not easy to buy cheap medical health insurance. health People prepared to be insured alone can go for individual health insurance plan. The greatest drawback to being without insurance, is the fact that, should you finish up getting any disease you will want to spend out great deal of money. The general public health director will even hire, supervise, evaluate and be sure training of department staff. Products Not Covered Products that can? t be taken care of utilizing a HSA account are gym subscriptions, non- care prescription medications and cosmetic methods. They ought to exercise frequently and eat plenty of fruits, veggies and wholegrain meals. There? s a number of medical health insurance coverage plans to select from. Ideas share some serving tips. Medical records and health information specialists also organize and ensure the precision and security of health information and patients? records. High density of traffic may also be the reason for problems connected with quality of air for example particulate matter associated with worsening signs and symptoms of bronchial asthma. Bauer, pp. Also, the specialist assists weight with administrative responsibilities. Presuming you can preserve your teams autoship retention high, you are able to potentially develop a solid residual earnings. Bend your arms at about 90 health levels and swing at waist level naturally with every step.

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The good thing is it is capable of doing reducing mental stress experienced because of a disease. My pal stated chiropractic care services had However it? s the highly colored veggies and fruits that offer the very best causes nyc board of health of nutrients. Now, however, you Among individuals companies, six biopharmaceutical companies were featured inside a 2003 listing of the very best 100 companies to dedicate yourself in South america. Rather, search the internet to uncover excellent choices the average person has not happened upon for whole- foods and health drinks. In the following Lengthy the days are gone of getting comprehensive medical health insurance that covers everything. This must will be in reaction to the number of


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Neighborhood is a fly haven - Shakopee Valley News: Local ...

Updated from yesterday's print edition of the Shakopee Valley News

?One, two, three. Go,? Ryan Peterson yells to his kids before they swing open the patio door and rush into neighbor Rick Wymer?s home on Thursday night, trying to avoid the black flies that swarm the deck.

Peterson ? who answered his own door with flyswatter in hand when visited by a reporter last week ? has had it with the infestation that has his household hostage during the summer and fall due to the spreading of manure in a farm field adjacent to their cul-de-sac on Karner Drive in Shakopee.

?We have probably a couple thousand flies in each of our garages. We kill hundreds of them in our houses a week,? Peterson told the City Council in a plea for help from him and his neighbors during the public comment portion of last week?s meeting.

Residents of Karner Drive have hung fly-catching buckets from trees, sprayed their homes with repellent and depleted Lowe?s Home Improvement store of fly strips to deal with the infestations they say began after a local farmer began spreading manure on the leased field after the July 4th holiday. They say they see the tractor out there two to three times per day.

Although they?ve been told the situation was bad the fall before they moved in, Peterson and Wymer say this is the worst it?s been since they purchased their homes in late 2009.

Joe Peitz said his children don?t like playing outdoors any longer. He worries about the health hazard from such large volumes of flies.?

This summer, food for the neighborhood block party was kept in a ?quarantined tent? to prevent it from spoiling.

Without knowing the name of the dairy farmer, neighbors tried to talk to the driver of the manure-spreading tractor.

?I have approached him, but he slowed down, gave me a scowl and took off down the road,? said Peterson. ?He?s not being a friendly neighbor.?

Neighbors contacted police this summer with their concerns, but say the farmer, John O?Loughlin, turned the soil just once, and manure continued to be left on city streets used to access the 50-acre field. City Hall was their last stop after contacting the state Health Department, Scott County officials and city staff.

Without an ordinance in place governing feedlots in the city and given the state?s right-to-farm act, City Council and staff said they were likely limited in what they could do, but would look further into it.

O?Loughlin initially didn?t wish to talk about the neighbors? concerns when contacted by a reporter, saying the matter would be ironed out at the next City Council meeting. He denied spreading manure multiple times per day and said?the tractor driver that was approached by a neighbor was a hired hand, not him.

"I don't really care what they said," he said of the discussion at the last meeting. "I don't care to talk about it.?

After meeting with city officials on Monday though, O?Loughlin called back and said he plans to move the manure-spreading away from Karner Drive homes and take other steps to improve the situation. He said flies were an issue this year due to the unusually early harvesting of oats.

?We are definitely trying to solve the problem, but we still have got to fertilize our land,? he said.


State pollution and county feedlot officials recently visited the field. Despite the frequency of manure spreading, they found that the amount put down was acceptable, noting the farmer will still likely have to apply commercial fertilizer to get enough nutrients into the ground before planting.

While residents are concerned about the daily spreading of manure, it isn?t being applied thickly, said Scott Schneider from the Scott County Soil and Water Conservation District, noting that he?s never witnessed an over-application on the field. He explained that hard manure isn?t as nutrient dense as liquid manure, which is injected right into the soil.

?They can spread on that field quite a bit before they?ve covered the whole field,? he said, noting that the width of the spreader is narrow.

With the current high price of chemical fertilizer, hard manure is ?really valuable? to farmers as a fertilizer right now, explained University of Minnesota Extension educator Josue Hernandez.

Although routinely turning the manure (called ?disking?) into the field ? which has vegetation growing on it ? would lessen the flies, it could cause soil erosion and possibly dust problems along County Road 83 right now due to the dry weather, explained Scott Schneider.

O?Loughlin rents the field from his neighbor, Roberta Schneider.

She said she hasn?t been contacted by the neighbors who?ve raised the recent concerns, ?but I have heard it before.?

?People move into a farming area and then complain about the farming practices,? she said, noting that the soil was tested in the past. ?It?s all within legitimate bounds.?


Neighbors say they have no issues with farming, the spreading of manure two to three times per day.?

Peterson said this was not his experience growing up next to a farm field in Waseca, Minn., and he was told by a visiting relative, who works in the ag business, that the frequency of spreading is not normal.?

?We?re not against farming,? Peterson said. ?We like that it?s a field.?

Wymer feels like the field behind their homes is being used as a dumping ground since the farmer has limited acreage to spread manure around his own farm.?

?We wait all year for summer and it?s miserable,? said Wymer, commenting that a dairy farm probably has less flies than his neighborhood.

O?Loughlin said flies were an issue this year because of the oat crop, which was harvested earlier than normal due to the unusual weather.

?We hit that fly season head-on,? he said, noting that flies are worse in warm weather.

Next year, he will go back to planting corn in the field, which will be in the field until mid- to late-September, minimizing the fly issue. He doesn?t anticipate planting oats again before the land is finally developed.


In consultation with the city, O?Loughlin has now developed a plan to try to improve the situation for the remainder of the fall.

  • He will stop spreading manure behind the homes and move the operation north near a gravel pit.
  • When manure spreading is finished on the field, it will be disked in.
  • The tractor will no longer exit the field on Thrush Street, which should lessen manure on the streets, and instead leave on County Road 83.
  • The tractor will continue entering via Thrush because the left turns onto County Road 83 are too dangerous.

?Hopefully, we are headed in the right direction ? or a hard freeze,? said Shakopee Mayor Brad Tabke said in an email to Karner Drive residents, outlining these steps. ?It is a frustrating situation that won?t be perfect until the land is developed, so we?ll be working with this issue perennially and hope to find the best ways to work together.?

O?Loughlin has offered to switch to commercial fertilizer if Karner Drive residents are willing to foot the estimated $2,000 bill.

Tabke also noted that since flies can travel long distances, limiting the manure applications to a certain distance away from the homes likely wouldn?t help much.

Scott Schneider said there have been similar issues of conflicting land uses with farming in the county.

Residents would like the city to consider some rules for farming since county regulations do not apply.

Tabke said the city plans to look into what other cities do to deal with farming in city limits.


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Bubble tea, the Taiwanese craze that has seen North America and now London bubbling with excitement, is coming to Wales for the first time with a kiosk in Cardiff?s Queens Arcade next to the Animal store. Bubble tea is a refreshing fruit or milk tea drink that originated in Taiwan in the 80s, containing healthy antioxidants whilst being colourful and fun. The Bubblebase kiosk will offer one of the biggest ranges of bubble teas in the UK, from Ceylon black or Jasmine green as a base, to premium peach, honey and tropical paradise teas.

After trying bubble tea in America, 23-year-old Cardiff entrepreneur Kishan Varsani decided to set up his own business in Wales after spotting a gap in the market for the cult drink. Mr Varsani states, ?Bubble tea is extremely popular in other countries and I?m sure it will catch on in Wales too. It?s a very funky and quirky drink and we?re passionate about making it a success here.? Of course the only way to find out whether you like bubble tea or not, is to give it a try for yourself, and Bubblebase is the place to go for those intrigued by the new taste and the hundreds of varieties on offer.




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Review: &#39;Life of Pi&#39; Doesn&#39;t Quite Reach the Sublime ? |

?Who trusted God was love indeed/And love Creation?s final law/Tho? Nature red in tooth and claw/With ravine shriek?d against his creed? ? Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

?I?m on a Boat? ? Foursquare.?

Talk about high expectations. ?This story will make you believe in God,? narrator Irrfan Khan promises listener Rafe Spall. The former, a relaxed, middle-aged man with sadness in his eyes, making some lunch in his nondescript Canadian home. The latter, a blocked novelist following a tip on a tale too good not to write about (and, perhaps, too good to be true.)

We open in Pondicherry, a former French section of India, and its colors and architecture burst off the screen. Director Ang Lee uses every corner of the frame to create an outstanding tapestry of images, quickly assuaging any fears that the use of 3-D is an exhibitor?s cash grab. (Most will agree this is the best use of stereo since Martin Scorsese?s ?Hugo,? or, perhaps, ever.) Our young hero is named Piscine Patel, named for a particularly gorgeous French swimming pool, but after schoolyard torments he changes his name to Pi.

He ceremonial self-appellation, math jokes included, is one of a number of marvelous, joyous sequences in the emotionally resonant first act. The Patel family owns a zoo, and this closeness to animals is a part of Pi?s upbringing. Pondicherry is a diverse neighborhood, so he?s exposed not only to his inherited Hinduism, but Catholicism and Islam, as well. He is a boy that is receptive to the notion of God, but cannot choose which faith to go with. He, therefore, takes aspects of them all, to the mild consternation of his secular humanist father.

Pi?s childhood faith-shopping is quite beautiful and respectful, and something quite under-discussed in cinema. Some may question what this lengthy prologue has to do with the bulk of the film, but, tonally, it is key to setting the course of the story.

The Patel family?s finances force them to pull up stakes and sail for Canada, taking their zoo animals with them. Pi, a teenager now, and a little bit defiant, allows his sense of invincibility to take him out to the ship?s deck during a major storm. Turns out this works in his favor, as he is one of the few creatures to survive. He finds himself on a lifeboat with an injured zebra, an orangutan, a rat, an angry hyena and the gorgeous and regal Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.

The tiger?s name is explained in the story, but it is actually a reference to well known victims/survivors of shipwrecks. Eventually, it is just the two of them in the boat, well, the three of them, if you count God, and you should, as ?Life of Pi? is one of the more vehemently pro-faith films you?ll see that doesn?t star Kirk Cameron.

The God of ?Life of Pi? is tough to pin down. One image of Pi in silhouette against the magic hour sky as he shouts ?No!? to the fighting beasts is a postcard from Deist thought. There are no loaves, but man are there multiplying (and flying!) fishes. But the bulk of the picture studies the Hindu belief of animals having souls. The way Lee photographs Richard Parker?s deep, penetrating eyes leaves little doubt, but there?s enough fight in the film and its portrayal of animal instinct and indifference to let the opposing view make its case.

Pi and Richard Parker have the standard survivalist struggles, variants of those you can find in everything from ?Mutiny on the Bounty? to Peter Weir?s ?The Way Back.? The spin here is Lee?s visual exuberance and alacrity. Unlike ?127 Hours,? there are few cutaways into Pi?s mind, making Lee?s achievement perhaps even more extraordinary. There isn?t a dull moment in the film, and there are about 300 worthy of a ?wow.?

Unfortunately, much of the dialogue (both spoken or narrated) is a tad too earnest for my taste. When moments of levity do come they are as welcome as a pail of rainwater at sea. ?Life of Pi? is also one of those movies that has to end by telling you what a great movie you saw. This device works in, say, Milos Forman?s ?Amadeus,? because, yes, that is indeed a thick, juicy story with outrageous characters and fascinating reversals. ?Life of Pi? is a gorgeously filmed, fictional tone poem about a guy and a tiger on a boat thinking about God. Not quite the same.

Though I consider myself a secular humanist, I don?t begrudge or shun artists of faith who put their devotion into their work. I?ll cite Denys Arcand?s ?Jesus of Montreal? and Xavier Beauvois? ?Of Gods of Men? as two films I adore, and those are just the ones in French. ?Life of Pi,? however, doesn?t quite reach a sublime level. At the third act twist, where things become a bit fantastic, it comes apart, and then ultimately whimpers off like a drenched cat. The flat ending is quite a letdown, especially in comparison to just how much the rest of the film resonates.

If you come to ?Life of Pi? looking for answers, I think you will be very disappointed. (Or, if you do find answers, you are a very easy mark.) As filmmaking, however, it is a knockout, and there are moments, one in particular only a jerk would spoil, that should be included in every ?iconic images in cinema? moments for the rest of time. In short, get on the boat and drift a while.

Grade: B+


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Nickelblock: An element's love-hate relationship with battery electrodes

ScienceDaily (Sep. 27, 2012) ? Anyone who owns an electronic device knows that lithium ion batteries could work better and last longer. Now, scientists examining battery materials on the nano-scale reveal how nickel forms a physical barrier that impedes the shuttling of lithium ions in the electrode, reducing how fast the materials charge and discharge. Published last week in Nano Letters, the research also suggests a way to improve the materials.

The researchers, led by the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Chongmin Wang, created high-resolution 3D images of electrode materials made from lithium-nickel-manganese oxide layered nanoparticles, mapping the individual elements. These maps showed that nickel formed clumps at certain spots in the nanoparticles. A higher magnification view showed the nickel blocking the channels through which lithium ions normally travel when batteries are charged and discharged.

"We were surprised to see the nickel selectively segregate like it did. When the moving lithium ions hit the segregated nickel rich layer, they essentially encounter a barrier that appears to slow them down," said Wang, a materials scientist based at EMSL, the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, a DOE user facility on PNNL's campus. "The block forms in the manufacturing process, and we'd like to find a way to prevent it."

Lithium ions are positively charged atoms that move between negative and positive electrodes when a battery is being charged or is in use. They essentially catch or release the negatively charged electrons, whose movement through a device such as a laptop forms the electric current.

In lithium-manganese oxide electrodes, the manganese and oxygen atoms form rows like a field of cornstalks. In the channels between the stalks, lithium ions zip towards the electrodes on either end, the direction depending on whether the battery is being used or being charged.

Researchers have known for a long time that adding nickel improves how much energy the electrode can hold, battery qualities known as capacity and voltage. But scientists haven't understood why the capacity falls after repeated usage -- a situation consumers experience when a dying battery holds its charge for less and less time.

To find out, Wang, materials scientist Meng Gu and their collaborators used electron microscopy at EMSL and the National Center for Electron Microscopy at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to view how the different atoms are arranged in the electrode materials produced by Argonne National Laboratory researchers. The electrodes were based on nanoparticles made with lithium, nickel, and manganese oxides.

First, the team took high-resolution images that clearly showed rows of atoms separated by channels filled with lithium ions. On the surface, they saw the accumulation of nickel at the ends of the rows, essentially blocking lithium from moving in and out.

To find out how the surface layer is distributed on and within the whole nanoparticle, the team used a technique called three-dimensional composition mapping. Using a nanoparticle about 200 nanometers in size, they took 50 images of the individual elements as they tilted the nanoparticle at various angles. The team reconstructed a three-dimensional map from the individual elemental maps, revealing spots of nickel on a background of lithium-manganese oxide.

The three-dimensional distribution of manganese, oxygen and lithium atoms along the surface and within the particle was relatively even. The nickel, however, parked itself in small areas on the surface. Internally, the nickel clumped on the edges of smaller regions called grains.

To explore why nickel aggregates on certain surfaces, the team calculated how easily nickel and lithium traveled through the channels. Nickel moved more easily up and down the channels than lithium. While nickel normally resides within the manganese oxide cornrows, sometimes it slips out into the channels. And when it does, this analysis showed that it flows much easier through the channels to the end of the field, where it accumulates and forms a block.

The researchers used a variety of methods to make the nanoparticles. Wang said that the longer the nanoparticles stayed at high temperature during fabrication, the more nickel segregated and the poorer the particles performed in charging and discharging tests. They plan on doing more closely controlled experiments to determine if a particular manufacturing method produces a better electrode.

This work was supported by PNNL's Chemical Imaging Initiative.

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The above story is reprinted from materials provided by DOE/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Note: Materials may be edited for content and length. For further information, please contact the source cited above.

Journal Reference:

  1. Meng Gu, Ilias Belharouak, Arda Genc, Zhiguo Wang, Dapeng Wang, Khalil Amine, Fei Gao, Guangwen Zhou, Suntharampillai Thevuthasan, Donald R. Baer, Ji-Guang Zhang, Nigel D. Browning, Jun Liu, Chongmin Wang. Conflicting Roles of Nickel in Controlling Cathode Performance in Lithium Ion Batteries. Nano Letters, 2012; : 120919105454008 DOI: 10.1021/nl302249v

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.


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RIM buys itself breathing room for BB10 launch

TORONTO (Reuters) - Research In Motion Ltd shares jumped on Friday after the embattled BlackBerry maker posted quarterly results that showed it was still able to pull off a surprise as it tackles the formidable task of getting consumers excited over its new smartphone line.

While RIM's performance gave Wall Street a modicum of optimism, analysts stressed RIM has to now prove that the BlackBerry 10 devices, due early next year, can halt its brand's downward spiral. That won't be easy, they said.

"I have to admit they did a very good job making the best out of a really tough situation. You've got to give management some credit for that, but they still need to nurse the company back to health," said Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu.

RIM stunned investors on Thursday with stronger-than-expected BlackBerry sales in the quarter ended September 1. It even managed to build up its cash reserves, giving it a fighting chance to market the new BlackBerry 10 line effectively, while ramping up production of the reengineered smartphones.

Investors responded to the rare glimmer of good news for the embattled company by pushing up RIM's downtrodden share price up by more than 8 percent in afternoon trading on Friday.

Until Thursday's results, RIM was being written off by analysts because of its failure to keep pace with innovations from rivals such as Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co.

Analysts said RIM needs to generate enough excitment about the new devices to be able to sell them at a healthy profit.

"The question is, even if they do sell BB10 units, what is the margin profile going to be," said Wu, who notes that RIM once realized gross margins in the mid-40 percent range. Margins are now below 30 percent.

"If the gross margin profile stays where it is, then it is going to be very tough to be profitable, even if they sell a lot of BlackBerry 10 phones," he said.

To be sure, RIM managed to boost average selling prices in its latest quarter compared with the previous three months. That was a positive signal in the lead-up to the BB10 launch in early 2013.

"The bad news is that these results have little or no bearing on what remains true, and that is, RIM still needs to execute on BB10 and do it in a way that draws clear and resonant distinctions between what it has to offer and what the rest of the market has to offer," said CCS Insight analyst John Jackson.

The company is counting on BB10, equipped with a revamped operating system, to arrest a precipitous decline in market share over the past year and longer.

But in the end, the success or failure of the BB10 will hinge by how warmly it's embraced by consumers, many of whom have already switched to high-end devices like Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy S III, especially in North America and Europe.

"In the big picture, nobody, not even RIM knows whether this is going to work for them," cautioned Charter Equity Research analyst Ed Snyder.

Test versions of the BB10 have won praise from carriers and developers, but the true test still hinges on RIM's ability to win over fans of touchscreen devices.

"I want to regain market share in the U.S. and I want to win back market share in the full touch segment - that's what the company is geared up to and that's what we are working toward," said RIM Chief Executive Thorsten Heins in an interview with CNBC on Friday.

RIM's second-quarter performance also reminded investors that the company still enjoys a strong franchise in emerging markets, where consumers have graviated to its reliable though outmoded legacy smartphones.

Even though RIM's aging line-up has lost ground in North America and Europe, the BlackBerry maker managed to top shipment and revenue expectations in its second quarter, thanks largely to strong sales of smartphones in countries like India and Indonesia.

"This performance is nothing short of shocking as RIM has found a formula to entice its global carrier customers to sell (its) product," said National Bank Financial's Kris Thompson.

On Friday National Bank Financial upgraded RIM's stock, while BMO Capital Markets and Barclays Capital were among brokerages that raised price targets on the company's shares.

Thompson, who is rated five stars by Thomson Reuters StarMine for the accuracy of his estimates on RIM's earnings, upgraded the stock to "outperform" and increased his price target on the stock to $12 from $8.

Shares of RIM, which rose 20 percent after the closing bell on Thursday, were up 8.5 percent at $7.75 in afternoon trading on the Nasdaq on Friday. Its Toronto-listed shares rose more than 9 percent to C$7.57.

(Reporting by Euan Rocha in Toronto, Fareha Khan and Aditi Sharma in Bangalore; Editing by Frank McGurty)


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Discover the Benefits of Using Moroccan Fat and Argan Oil ...

When looking for the oil for hair and skin care uses, the means of choosing the best should be done with utmost case to make sure that it not merely provides the intended goal but delivers the perfect outcome. With a variety of these items on the market, there are situations this might prove to be described as a struggle to reach. Moroccan oil is made from kernels which are gotten from the argan tree and which only grow in Morocco. It?s mostly known to own emollients which are considered ideal for moisturizing not just the hair but the skin as well.In order to understand more, it is ideal to check out a few of the materials contained what?s also known as Argan oil. These include; essential fatty acids, e Vitamin, phenols and carotens among others. It is because of the fact that it contains essential fatty acids that it?s recommended for use on hair as well as skin. There?s been many experiments executed about it and many of them show that it?s also perfect for treating skin conditions such as psoriasis. Made from a variety of natural ingredients, there are number side effects associated with it however for those who are vulnerable to getting pimples are advised against using the same.It is very important to convey that Morrocan oil can also be proven to contain some silicon ingredients such as Dimethicone and Benzyl Benzoate. Because this isn?t regarded as a poor addition, it further adds on the advantages connected with use of these products. It?s also ideal to convey that it has been considered being an antioxidant and consequently, it?s also generally used is some anti-aging creams.Apart from been used on hair and skin, it?s ideal to notice that there?s also some health advantages connected with it. That is specially noted in the all around health of the individual the individual who employs the Argan oil. At this stage, it?s important to declare that this item are available with ease on-line and while this could be the case, it is advisable to do some research before generally making your purchase. There are many traders and though some are known to offer high quality products, the others are known to offer products that are of a compromised quality. For that reason, it?s recommended to analyze extensively and find a traditional and a supplier.

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Interactive: Star Tribune Minnesota Poll Results (Star Tribune)

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Goodell apologizes to fans for replacement games

NEW YORK (AP) ? NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell apologized to the fans who fretted through three weeks of replacement officials calling their favorite teams' games.

"Obviously when you go through something like this it is painful for everybody," he said on a conference call Thursday, about 12 hours after the league reached a deal to bring back the regular officials. "Most importantly, it is painful for our fans.

"We are sorry to have to put our fans through that, but it is something that in the short term you sometimes have to do to make sure you get the right kind of deal for the long term and make sure you continue to grow the game."

Two days after a missed call on the final play cost the Green Bay Packers in their loss to the Seattle Seahawks, the NFL and the officials' union announced a tentative eight-year agreement to end a lockout that began in June.

Goodell insisted the timing of the deal was not a reaction to the outcry over "Monday Night Football." The two sides had been in "intensive negotiations" the last two weeks, he said, though he acknowledged that game "may have pushed the parties further along."

The commissioner was watching at home Monday night.

"You never want to see a game end like that," Goodell said.

But he wouldn't concede that the presence of replacement officials increased the chances an egregious mistake would occur. Goodell repeatedly reminded reporters that the regular officials have botched plenty of calls over the years.

The new agreement, he said, will improve officiating week in and week out, reducing similar mistakes in the future and making the strains of the last three weeks worthwhile.

"You're always worried about the short-term impact on your brand and the long-term impact on your brand," he said. "Obviously, this has gotten a lot of attention. It hasn't been positive, and it's something that you have to fight through and get to the long term. ... We always are going to have to work harder to make sure we get people's trust and confidence in us."

In the meantime, he asserted, players' health and safety were never jeopardized by the use of replacement officials.

"The folks on the field during the last three weeks were under unprecedented scrutiny," Goodell said. "Everything they did, every call, was magnified. They kept the game going. They worked hard. They trained hard. They were incredibly focused and dedicated."


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lady Gaga Launches 'Body Revolution 2013' With Bulimia Revelation

After Mother Monster uploads pics of herself in yellow bra and underwear, fans flood singer's site with photos, testimonials celebrating their 'flaws.'
By Christina Garibaldi

Lady Gaga launches Body Revolution 2013


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Scientists prevent heart failure in mice

ScienceDaily (Sep. 25, 2012) ? Cardiac stress -- for example, a heart attack or high blood pressure -- frequently leads to pathological heart growth and subsequently to heart failure. Two tiny RNA molecules play a key role in this detrimental development in mice, as researchers at the Hannover Medical School and the G?ttingen Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry have now discovered. When they inhibited one of those two specific molecules, they were able to protect the rodent against pathological heart growth and failure. With these findings, the scientists hope to be able to develop therapeutic approaches that can protect humans against heart failure.

Respiratory distress, fatigue, and attenuated performance are symptoms that can accompany heart failure. A reason for this can be an enlarged heart, a so-called cardiac hypertrophy. It may develop when the heart is subjected to permanent stress, for example, due to persistent high blood pressure or a valvular heart defect. In order to boost the pumping performance, the heart muscle cells enlarge -- a condition that frequently results in heart failure if not treated.

Two small RNA molecules tip the balance

A research team at the G?ttingen Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry and the Hannover Medical School discovered that two small RNA molecules play a key role in the growth of heart muscle cells: the microRNAs miR-212 and miR-132. The scientists had observed that these microRNAs are more prevalent in the cardiac muscle cells of mice suffering from cardiac hypertrophy. To determine the role that the two microRNAs play, the scientists bred genetically modified mice that had an abnormally large number of these molecules in their heart muscle cells. "These rodents developed cardiac hypertrophy and lived for only three to six months, whereas their healthy conspecifics had a normal healthy life-span of several years," explained Dr. Kamal Chowdhury, researcher in the Department of Molecular Cell Biology at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. "For comparison, we also selectively switched off these microRNAs in other mice. These animals had a slightly smaller heart than their healthy conspecifics, but did not differ from them in behavior or life-span," continued the biologist. The crucial point is when the scientists subjected the hearts of these mice to stress by narrowing the aorta, the mice did not develop cardiac hypertrophy -- in contrast to normal mice.

A microRNA inhibitor protects mice against hypertrophy

The scientists were also able to protect normal mice against the disease. When they gave them a substance that selectively inhibits microRNA-132, no pathological cardiac growth occurred -- even when the hearts of these mice were subjected to stress. "Thus, for the first time ever, we have found a molecular approach for treating pathological cardiac growth and heart failure in mice," said the cardiologist Professor Dr. Dr. Thomas Thum, MD, Director of the Institute for Molecular and Translational Therapy Strategies (IMTTS) at the Hannover Medical School. With these findings, the researchers hope that they will be able to develop therapeutic approaches that can also protect humans against heart failure. "Such microRNA inhibitors, alone or in combination with conventional treatments, could represent a promising new therapeutic approach," said Thum.

"In mice with an overdosage of the two microRNAs in their heart muscle cells, the cellular 'recycling program' is curbed," explained Dr. Ahmet Ucar, who together with Shashi K. Gupta was responsible for the experiments. In this recycling process, the cell breaks down components that are damaged or no longer required and reuses their constituents -- a vital process that, for example, ensures the organism's survival under stress conditions. In mice without the microRNAs -212 and 132, this recycling program is more active than in their normal conspecifics. Conceivably, the reduced cellular recycling could be a cause of the observed cardiac hypertrophy.

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  1. Ahmet Ucar, Shashi K. Gupta, Jan Fiedler, Erdem Erikci, Michal Kardasinski, Sandor Batkai, Seema Dangwal, Regalla Kumarswamy, Claudia Bang, Angelika Holzmann, Janet Remke, Massimiliano Caprio, Claudia Jentzsch, Stefan Engelhardt, Sabine Geisendorf, Carolina Glas, Thomas G. Hofmann, Michelle Nessling, Karsten Richter, Mario Schiffer, Lucie Carrier, L. Christian Napp, Johann Bauersachs, Kamal Chowdhury, Thomas Thum. The miRNA-212/132 family regulates both cardiac hypertrophy and cardiomyocyte autophagy. Nature Communications, 2012; 3: 1078 DOI: 10.1038/ncomms2090

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.


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Methods To Control Items In Garages | Home Improvement Information

Vehicles need to end up housed in suitable storage properties like garages. These structures are dependable structures primarily for any safe-keeping of vehicles. After a while by, vehicle owners may permit the storage of various items inside them wherein disorganization of items usually requires place. At times, owners may tend to neglect organizing items and should attend it whenever you can.

Maintaining good organization with items is utmost fundamental in garages not only so that they are properly stored and good shape maintained. It should also be achieved to maintain safety within accessing these structures where vehicles come and set off. Below are the steps that could be taken to organize items properly in your garage.

? First of all work with de-cluttering your own garage. Determine the items that will stay and which ones ought to be thrown away such as broken items. On the other hand if you have items that you are not using anymore but can nevertheless be used by other folks, you can have all of them sold.

? Get the items that you are likely to retain reorganized. Classify them in communities where in like items are going to be placed in a particular area. For instance, place items for that maintenance of your vehicle together in an area.

? Make use of clear plastic containers for little items which include hand tools as well as art products among others. Opt to use containers with locks particularly when storing valuable items which include power tools and dangerous items including toxic chemicals.

? Have cabinets or shelves that will either be attached on its wall space or free standing possibilities. Place heavy items in low shelves and also the heaviest ones to the lowest shelves. If you just possess a barely huge enough garage for your vehicle after that you can opt to hang shelves relating to the three walls particularly above the height in the vehicle?s roof.

? Meanwhile, it is possible to hang brooms, rakes, shovels and other flat items in your walls. To store ones bikes properly, hang them on hooks in the side or hang them above the hood of your car or truck. By doing these, you can maximize the space for storage of various items.

? Take into consideration installing a wood, metal or vinyl shed for those who have adequate space in your yard where you can place your tools and gardening items. It would be preferable to accomplish this if you think it?s stuffed with so many items therefore you wouldn?t want to compromise the place for the storage to your vehicle. After all, garages are constructed primarily for the storage of vehicles.


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