Monday, September 3, 2012

Roleplayers Wanted for 'The Tides of War'

Roleplayers needed!

At first there was only the Abyss. Swirling chaos streamed through a black nothing. Then the Elder Shaytaan appeared. These creatures floated through chaos, enjoying the absolute randomness of it all. Some of the Shaytaan sought for more, they wished to make something of it all.
These Elder Malankh as they called themselves brought the chaos together and began to force it into shapes and structures. The Malankh began to set boundaries and limits for their creations. The universe and its laws had been created. As more and more laws were set, their creations flourished and combined creating the world as it is now known. The most privileged and capable of all creations were the humans. They began to enforce their own dominion on the created order while still obeying the laws of the Malankh.

Most of the Shaytaan began to hate the Malankh and their creations, the humans, for mistreating the chaos like this, others tried to keep the peace between the two. This small group of peace wanting individuals came to be known as the Lykos. These creatures developed Spirit Magic and convinced the rest of the Shaytaan to remove themselves as far into the Abyss as they could and away from the created world.

Many eons have passed since the Shaytaan left for the great reaches of the Abyss. Humans have full dominion over the land, using metal tools and machines to make their cities powerful and to make a greater name for themselves in the universe. The Malankh have created a better world, a higher creation, that they might have full leisure and peace while their law rules over the created cosmos. No one really knows where the Lykos are, though some humans have heard of legends of great wolf spirits that stop great wars and calamities upon the world before they even happen.

This great time of relative universal peace is slowly coming to an end. More and more humans are noticing great rifts in the created order as chaos is slowly reclaiming that which once belonged to it. The Shaytaan are returning.

Become one of the chaotic and powerful Shaytaan, a creator/king Malankh, a witty and adaptable human, or a spirit controlling Lykos. Shape the universe. Retake what was once yours, uphold the law and stop any and all foes, become more than your creators, or fight for peace. The decision is up to you.


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