Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hong Kong Government disregards same-sex domestic abuse

The Domestic Violence Ordinance (Cap 189), ?The Domestic and Cohabitation Relationships Violence Ordinance? has taken effect from January 1, 2010, covering same-sex partners under the territory?s domestic violence law.

In 2009, the Women Coalition of Hong Kong conducted a study into the conditions of domestic violence and found that 49.9% of respondents had recently suffered physical assault, bodily harm and/or sexually violent treatment at the hands of their LGBT partner, yet only 1.6% of respondents would seek assistance from social welfare organizations.

Even though over a year has passed since the amendment of the Domestic Violence Ordinance, today?s Hong Kong Government has not provided any resources geared towards the lesbian community, such as increasing awareness of domestic violence. It is reported that up to now, statistics for the number of homosexual women seeking help are still extremely low.

Educational film by WCHK on the problem of domestic violence in the lesbian community:

Support Us

This project aims to raise awareness of domestic violence and to increase the knowledge on domestic violence among homosexual and bisexual women. Even with the anti-violence ordinance, lesbian victims could not obtain help if they remain silent. Through our advocacy program, we hope victims of lesbian domestic violence will reach out for help, hence combating domestic violence.

Outreach programs for the lesbian community are critical for us to spread information regarding same-sex domestic violence. Please support our advocacy work!

About the Woman Coalition of HKSAR:

The Woman Coalition of HKSAR (WCHK) is a non-profit-making and non-governmental organization founded on 1st July, 2003. The Women Coalition of Hong Kong represents women as a sexual minority, aiming to fight for sexual minority rights and eliminate civil, political, economical, social and cultural discrimination and oppression based on sexuality and gender identity.

The Women Coalition of Hong Kong promotes sexual minority rights through legislative advocacy, human rights documentation and research, public education, oral history and culture building. We provide support services for homosexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals, transgenders and other female sexual minorities. We believe that a female?s gender identity is based on her subjective perception, but not her biological sex.

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Published on: September 4, 2012


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