Saturday, January 19, 2013

Is Beneful dog food killing dogs? - the Way of Cats

This is a warning? because the FDA is not issuing a recall.

This is a call to action? because Purina is not pulling Beneful off the shelves.

Veterinarians have reported bacterial infections, liver and kidney failure and high toxins in pets that have been brought in related to Beneful dog food illnesses.

This problem is not in a single region but across the country. The number of reported cases, mainly from October 2012 through January 2013, has been increasing and currently there are 220 incidents listed on the consumer affairs site alone. With pets dying after eating this food, the following questions must be asked.

Purina?s Beneful dog food killing dogs nationwide; No recall issued by FDA

Now, Snopes is not saying this is true? and they are not saying it?s not true, either.

Here?s a link from Consumer Affairs, describing 267 incidents with Beneful.

Boycott Purina-Beneful

Is Purina turning a blind eye to what their Beneful product is doing?

To me, this is all the more reason to feed grain-free. The incidents mention aflatoxins. These can grow on improperly stored grains.

Sadly, Purina was a company NOT affected by the Melamine Scandal of 2007. But I find these giant corporations less and less trustworthy.

And that is their own fault.

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